Special City Night Tour (8-1)

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    Hotel → Namsan Hanok Village → N Seoul Tower(Night) → Myeongdong → Cheonggye Stream → Hotel
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    Namsan Hanok Village is replaced with Bukchon Hanok Village on Tue.
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Why Cosmojin

Welcome to Cosmojin. Thanks for your interest and support for our service.

Cosmojin travel has run Seoul daily city tour for more than 15 years. We developed the most attractive tour packages for visitors and will continue to create new programs to meet international traveler’s need.

We help you to plan your own Seoul city tour with well-prepared theme and organized time table. You will find the most convenient way to enjoy Seoul with Cosmojin.

We hire the best tour guides with good service experience especially for foreigners and they all get great feedbacks from the customers. They are all proud of what they do for visitors to make your every corner of visits memorable and meaningful.

Transportation is another important things define travel quality. We provides brand new and clean cars with reasonable price for various tour packages.

There is Korean saying "Even a chance meeting is due to the Karma in a previous life." We will serve you as our family and friend as we want you to remember the time with us as a great memory. There are so much fun in Seoul and we cannot wait to introduce all of them. It does not matter morning, afternoon or late night. You will be surprised what you can enjoy in every second. We look forward to meeting you soon. You will enjoy guided tour with interesting secret and meaningful information that you cannot find elsewhere. Aren’t you excited about the best guide, the best customer, the best place and the best tour course

Tour Highlights

24/7 for 365 days, Seoul never sleeps. True Seoul starts after sunset. With Cosmojin, you will want to jump out of your hotel bed and enjoy the great variety of food, attractions and beautiful places to visit. Cosmojin has prepared the best places for a night out with a long experience of hosting visitors from all over the world.

You won't regret enjoying the night life of Seoul with a Cosmojin guide. The Cosmojin guide will answers any questions you ask. Are you planning your own outing? They will let you know the hottest places for locals as well.

What You Can Expect

Seoul is one of the rare cities has with more than 600 years of history, as the capital of Korea since the Chosun dynasty. Because of its long history, the city offers a unique impression to visitors with a beautiful mix of old tradition and modern culture. At night, especially, Seoul twinkles with a balance between old and new. The 360 degree view from the North Seoul tower is one way to discover them.

Seoul used to be the walled capital of the Chosun dynasty. Because of its geographical character and importance in antiquity, Chosun had to worry about invasion from both land and sea. Namsan was a very important place for sentries to protect the capital. The 360 degree view from the North Seoul tower shows how important it was. At night the view of the city from the tower is amazing. With the view from North Korea to further down below Gangnam, you are not a stranger any longer. The light show at night time is another attraction not to miss. If you are in love and with love, don't forget "Lock of love."

Most tourist sites are closed after sunset, except the Namsan Hanok traditional house village. It is the best place to understand more about Korean history through architecture.

Cheonggye-cheon is another great night out for walking and taking photos and can be done in only one or two hours.

- Seoul night tour tower and old village etc. with a friendly and knowledgeable guide
- North Seoul Tower, Greatest 360 degree view of Seoul
- Namsan Hanok Traditional house tour in the evening, Finding Seoul tradition
- Cheonggye-cheon Plaza, the favorite place to visit in Seoul at night
- Lotte Shopping Center, Finding Global trends in Myeongdong


When the sun goes down, head up Mt. Namsan to see traditional noblemen’s houses, and then to the top of N Seoul Tower. From there to bustling shopper’s paradise Myeongdong and the reborn stream that flows once again through the heart of Seoul.

 * Cheonggye Stream
Originally the flowing lifeblood of Seoul, this stream was once paved over and turned into a road for decades. Now restored and a beautiful place to stroll.

Tour Included

Guide, Transportation, Admission Fee, Hotel Pick up & Drop off Service (in Seoul)

Pick-up & Sending Service

1. Pick-up and drop-off service may be delayed due to traffic.

Payment / Cancelation

1. Cancel by 18:00 one day before the scheduled tour: 100% REFUND
2. Cancel after 18:00 one day before the tour date: cancellation fee of 100% of the tour cost.
3. Cancel at or after the tour begins or no-show: NO REFUND


1. Dinner is not included.
2. In case some sites of the tours are closed, a visit to alternative places will apply.
3. For your safety, stay with the group and follow the directions of the guide during a group tour.
4. Cosmojin cannot take responsibility for any injuries or losses incurred while on tour.

Cosmojin is registered in liability insurance corresponding KRW 300,000,000 for travel business license.

- The customers are not registered for accident insurance covering the medical expenses in case of accidents happening on the day of the event, so please check beforehand with the tour guide if customers are registered with travel insurance from homeland.

- Please refer to the special terms and conditions on the website for insurance coverage.


  • Hotel
  • Namsan Hanok Village

    Namsan Hanok village is a must-visit to experience Korean traditional housing culture. Understanding housing might be the best way to understand the culture of a society in a certain period. There are 5 different types of house located at the village and each kind representing the living style of different people in high society from different areas. Nearby Hanok traditional house village, there are a few must visit places. Time capsule to be kept for the next 1000 years, Korean traditional medical check-up experience center and traditional experience center. They are all for the people who would like to feel the tradition and history of Korea.

  • N Seoul Tower(Night)

    N Seoul Tower, which is on top of the Namsan Mountain is 479.7 meter high. It is the 2nd tallest tower of the world.
    When you go up to the observatory of this place, you will see the fabulous panorama of Seoul.
    Also, N Seoul tower has a beautiful night view, you will see the beautiful scenery at the observatory as well as the outside of the tower in this representative landmark of Seoul.
    In the N Seoul tower; concert, love festival, love locker event, and other various events take place throughout 365 days a year, you will not be bored regardless of when you visit here.

  • Myeongdong

    Myeong-dong is the primary tourist spot of Korea for foreign visitors, over 1.5 million people gather here a day.
    This place is like a huge show-window that you can check out all the trends of Korean.
    Not only can you see clothing, miscellaneous items, and cosmetics; you can also taste various trendy street foods of Korea.


  • Cheonggye Stream

    Koreans call Chunggyecheon as an oasis in the city central that is awakened from a long sleep. Among the dense tall buildings’ line-up, one ray of water is flowing through the central. Chunggyecheon has become a resting and picnic place for office workers at their lunch time and weekends. This place is chosen as the most beautiful ‘100 roads’ in Korea, it is really good for taking a stroll during a warm sun shining day.

  • Hotel


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  • Densyo

    • 2018/10/10 09:42:20

    I didn’t like the tour. They say that we will see things that we never usually during the day. What we saw was bumper to bumper traffic for like 45 minutes. Narration is not corresponding to what your seeing. It’s just a waste of money and you should avoid this tour. People in my group are quite disinterested and I have pix to prove how bored all of them but I don’t have the option to upload them. They should have a live person doing the narration to make it lively and interactive.

  • Karia

    • 2014/07/24 14:01:20

    Seoul has completely different face at night. I am thinking of coming back with my family for summer break.

  • Nancy

    • 2014/07/24 14:01:00

    Still many people in Cheonggyecheon at this late night. They all look enjoying cleaness, stylish and traditional scenary.

  • samandi

    • 2014/07/24 14:00:47

    Only 4 dollars for a T-shirt. Myeongdong, I definitely will come back

  • G.zalora

    • 2014/07/24 14:00:31

    Sleepless in Seoul. I am already missing Seoul

  • Henry

    • 2014/07/22 14:00:16

    I found N Seoul tower as beautiful as Eifle tower in Paris.