Privacy policy

(ex) Hoteles City guarantees the confidentiality/privacy of the personal information obtained through its online services. We suggest that you read the provisions described herein in order to understand how we deal with your personal information when you use our services in the Hoteles City websites. These confidentiality provisions may undergo changes in the future, that is why we advise you to check them from time to time.
This privacy notice is part of the following websites:
If you wish to revoke your consent regarding the way in which we use your personal data or wish to exercise your ARCO (an acronym for: access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) rights, please send us an e-mail to the following address:

1. -Type of personal information obtained

At Hoteles City we gather information through several areas of our website. The following information is subject to the confidentiality and privacy provisions: all personal information that the user voluntarily enters in our website, such as the one needed for the creation of the personal profile, for the subscription to the notification service regarding special offers via e-mail, for the registration in our loyalty programs, for promotional mailing as well as all the data entered while participating in online contests, raffles and surveys which we occasionally carry out. The information requested is different for each of these programs and it is stored in separate databases.
Online contact: the information requested in this section allows Hoteles City to contact its customers when necessary. Part of the information requested form the user includes: first name, family name, name of the company for which he/she works, address, e-mail address and phone number.
If additional information is required in order to complete any given transaction, the users may be contacted by phone, post or e-mail.3 Notification program concerning offers via e-mail. The information that the visitors provide includes: first name, family name, e-mail address, address, country, phone number, preferences and habits, etc. The user may modify this information at any time in order to customize the promotions and notices sent according to the preferences indicated by him/her.
Promotional mailing. The information that the users provide includes: an e-mail address. This information will be used to keep our customers informed about the promotions of the hotel chain.
Online contests raffles and surveys: the type of information requested in these cases may vary considerably. It may include personal data, habits and preferences, opinions regarding the services in our websites, and comments about the proposed services. The information gathered will be for the exclusive use of Hoteles City and its objective will be to generate feedback from the users concerning the services we provide, in order to improve them.
After the information reaches Hoteles City, it is stored in a secure server set behind a firewall designed to restrict access from outside the company. Once the information is received, we shall do everything within our power to safeguard it within our systems. On this issue, our team of collaborators has focused its efforts on offering -as far as possible the utmost safety.